SOL #30 Breakfast!😋

This morning I woke up around 8:00. My mom was not at the house. She was at the store. She walked in the house and I woke up. I went to the kitchen and she covers my eyes. Then she says I got something for you. She takes her hand off my eyes and she gave me a donut and a wrap from Dunkin Donuts. It was so yummy!

SOL #29 Blog mom❤️

Today it’s finally blogging time. Mrs.S calls me over at a table. I see a paper and I look and it says my moms name. I said to myself “That’s from my mom!”😁 I take it back to the table and read it. It was about to make me tear up a little bit because of how well written it was. I love when my mom and dad comment on my blogs! It makes my feel like they care about me more and love me! Have your parents ever talked to you about your blog? My mom says I’m her partner in crime!💗 I love her.

SOL #28 Sports Day

Today is sports day at school. I wore a cubs shirt and sweater. I wore cubs stuff because I’m a fan of baseball because my family loves baseball. Also we go to baseball games once in a while. It’s pretty fun going. I mostly see people wearing baseball clothing. If you like baseball what’s your favorite team? Also have you ever went to a baseball game?

SOL #27 Scamming people on roblox

Whenever me and my freinds play a game on roblox called Bloxburg. We usually scam people and try to take there money in the game. The highest amount I’ve got for scamming people is $22,000 and $100,000. Now I’m rich! I have a Jeep which is good becuase it’s something you have to pay for it’s a lot of money. It cost $90,000. We all love scamming people in Bloxburg. We all know it’s a bad thing but atleast were not doing this in real life! If you have ever played Bloxburg and scammed someone how much did you get?😂

SOL #26 Crazy Hair day!

Today is crazy hair day. I loved to see people’s diffrent hair designs! Some of them are blah and some of them are cool and crazy. Today I put my hair up in two buns to make them look like cupcakes. I put cupcake holders around them and cut the bottom. I think I look really cute! My favorite hairstyles is mine and my freinds Lela,Casey and mine! Can’t wait to show everyone else! If you know how my hair looks like, do you like it? What would you do for crazy hair day If we had it again?

SOL #25 Loumalnatis pizza

I went to a pizza place called Loumantis. I went with my family and my uncle,aunt, and little cousin. We walked in and it was not crowded at all, we’ll sort of. We got a seat and I sat next to my little cousin and my aunt. My cousin got a kids menu, she kept on asking me if I wanted to draw and do other stuff on the paper. So I got one of the kids menus and me and her were just drawing and playing games. Then we ordered and our food came I got some hot wings. I only ate half of them becuase I was already full. We finished and we got an ice cream cookie cake for dessert. It was so yummy!😋 then we finally left and went somewhere else.


SOL #24 Davin Busters

Yesterday, I went to Dave & Buster’s, it was so fun! I went with my family and my uncle, aunt, and little cousin. We walked in and got a card that had 125 chips on it. We played so many fun games like dizzy chicken, bowling, pop the lock, etc. We played until our cards were done. My cousin had 800 something tokens, my brother had 500 something and I had 860 tokens. I let my brother get a ball using my tokens because he didn’t have enough. Also for me I got lots of candy! My little cousin got a ball and a small lama. Then we had to go home. Have you ever went to Dave & Buster’s?

SOL #22 Sushi 🍣

Have you ever tried sushi? I have, I’ve tried it mabye 3 times already. I don’t have a favorite type of sushi. But I like the ones with the white rice. I know that my friend Brey loves sushi. I don’t love sushi I just like it. I like the sushi from Tony’s. If you have ever gone to Tony’s mabye try considering buying sushi next time. I also like putting soy sauce on my sushi becuase then it taste plain without it.

SOL #21 Six Flags (Goliath ride)

I went to six flags with my family and my uncle,aunt and little cousin. We were going on a ride called the galioth. We were walking up through the exit becuase my uncle has a fast pass. So we waited for a while because there was someone stuck in the ride. It was my dad,uncle and me who went in becuase the rest of my family was scared. Me and my uncle went in the front row. My dad was behind us. It started we were going up and up and up. We reached the top and we went straight down. We were turning left and right. Until it was finally down we were coming back in slow we got off. It was so fun and my uncle and dad were surprised that I was not screaming.